Room Response Controls

  • Bass Roll-Off
  • Bass Tilt
  • Treble Tilt or Roll-Off
  • Bass Level
  • Midrange Level
  • Treble Level


To make the monitor work exactly right

Genelec monitor systems provide versatile room response controls. A Genelec monitor system has been carefully designed to have an optimal frequency response in both full space (no limiting boundaries) and in half space (one limiting boundary). These are the standard design objectives for speaker designers. However, normal rooms seldom behave as either of these, and Genelec monitor systems respect this fact.

Optimizing the bass response

At low frequencies there are either two controls (2-way systems) or three controls (3-way systems). For three way systems, the Bass Tilt functions act as a shelving filter allowing you to optimize the monitor system power response when it is placed near a wall or the speaker is flush mounted. The Bass Roll-off allows you even more control to optimize the very low frequency response of the system in different installations.

Right balance at the high end

At the high frequencies, we have a treble level control (in two way systems treble tilt) and a midrange level control. This allows one to optimize the treble balance relative to the mid frequencies at the listening position. This adjustment may be necessary if the reverberation time of the control room differs significantly at high frequencies or if the listening takes place at a considerable distance from the speakers.

See the datasheets of the individual Genelec monitor systems to find out which controls are supported. Finally, none of these controls are artistic. Precision acoustic response measurement equipment and careful listening to set up these controls are highly recommended.

The operating manual of each speaker contains a list of preferred frequency response control settings for different installations. These have been developed out of long practical experience and measurements of various types of control rooms. If you have any questions about optimizing the frequency response, feel free to contact us.

 room response controls