Technical Support

Who should I contact if I run into troubles with the setup?

Each country has a distributor and within that distributor is a DSP Product Specialist who has been trained by Genelec to support the DSP products. Only distributors with an approved DSP Product Specialist are entitled to distribute the DSP products. Contact details for your distributor are available on the Genelec web site: go to and click on "Distributors Network".

My system is not working, what should I do?

There are a number of ways you can try to get your system working again:

  • Read the System Operating Manual or the contact-sensitive help in the GLM software
  • Read more of these FAQ’s
  • Contact the DSP Product Specialist at your distributor

If you think you have found a bug in the software, please report it so it can be replicated, evaluated and then fixed.

What should I do if a loudspeaker breaks and I send it for service?

Once the loudspeaker has been repaired, it can be reconnected to the GLM Control Network. If the serial number of the loudspeaker is the same, the GLM control network will recognize it immediately and operation will continue as before. The acoustical parameters are stored in a System Setup file and so all these parameters can be uploaded again at any time into the loudspeaker for use in Stand-alone Mode.

If the loudspeaker has a different serial number because it was replaced with a new unit, follow the "Replacing and Removing Loudspeakers in a System Setup File" procedure as explained in the GLM User Manual. The Acoustical Settings will then be assigned to the new loudspeaker.

Can I upgrade my analog 8000 Series loudspeaker or 7000 Series subwoofer to DSP versions?

No. It is not possible to update an 8000 Series loudspeaker or a 7000 Series subwoofer to an 8200 Series DSP loudspeaker or a 7200 Series DSP subwoofer. The main reason is to do with the different internal mechanics of the enclosures. Also sending the units back to the factory for the change plus the time to make the changes is cost prohibitive.